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Identity Access Management User Interface for Universities.

midPoint: A Dynamic and Automated Identity Solution

Exclamation Labs is proud to be a preferred implementation and support partner with Evolveum, the creators of midPoint. Our technology professionals are highly trained in configuring, deploying, and maintaining midPoint as an identity access management and governance solution. MidPoint, an open-source solution recommended by Internet2, elevates security by enforcing user-specific, policy-driven permissions through a single source of provisioning system access. Our solutions provide the scalable functionality universities need to do business in a new digital ecosystem.

midPoint Identity Access Managment Diagram for Universities.

Efficiently Manage Identities

Higher education institutions are responsible for securely managing sometimes millions of identities for students, faculty and staff, alumni, and even parents, all of whom have different user access needs. Provisioning and managing all these accounts is no easy task. Many schools rely on key individuals to manage legacy systems that leave them vulnerable to knowledge silos. Overworked IT staff opens institutions up to security vulnerabilities and potential non-compliance with FERPA regulations, but midPoint helps universities enforce policies and regulations systematically.

A row of computers.

Consolidate disjointed, homegrown identity scripts into one coherent system.

Someone presenting to a classroom.

Easily manage lifecycle of thousands of identities at a time.

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Self-service abilities for users to update & maintain personal information.

Full-Service Development and Consulting Services

Exclamation Labs is an innovative technology partner that is experienced with identity challenges like managing the lifecycle of students and faculty, providing access for transient accounts, and developing self-service options for all users. We work with you to enhance and improve your implementation of midPoint.

We specialize in:

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Preferred Implementation Partners of Evolveum