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Provision, the key to Identity Access Management
for community banks, is here.

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Why Your Bank Needs Provision Now

Community banks manage potentially hundreds of systems. Each system must control user access, with varying permissions, to be secure. Due to personnel turnover, hiring, and role changes, permissions on every system generally need to be updated frequently through a manual process.

Provision automates common tasks to improve employee productivity, ensure security, and reduce the time required for audit preparation. Provision is a critical tool that eases the burden of meeting ever-changing regulatory compliance requirements.

If your bank is not using an IAM tool today, you are already behind and very much at risk. Until now there has not been an IAM solution "right-sized" for community banks and credit unions. Provision was carefully designed to fill that need.

Are You At Risk?

Financial institutions often use spreadsheets or legacy systems to track internal permissions. Consequently, changes are missed, leaving security holes open to hackers. 73% of security breaches are from known entities within the institution. Whether unintentional or malicious, the cost to remediate a breach, including regulatory reporting and forensics, averages $150,000 per incident.

What's more, preparing for an external audit is a time-intensive, expensive process that frequently exposes vulnerabilities that require remediation.

The Problem
The Solution

There is a more secure, automated solution for a single source of provisioning records!

Not only does Provision provide significant cost and time savings through automation, but it is perhaps most valuable in its inherent ability to mitigate risks and improve security.

When personnel changes occur, permissions are immediately and automatically updated, eliminating any exposure to systems. A complete audit trail is automatically produced along with documentation and reporting, allowing banks and auditors to quickly see everything that has happened across all of your systems. You can be certain that you are meeting compliance regulations.

Be Proactive
with Provision

Provision by Exclamation Labs is a role-based Identity Access Management (IAM) solution created specifically with the unique needs of community banks in mind. No other comparable system can effectively and affordably integrate your systems into an automated and centralized solution, with the built-in workflows you need to do business. Provision provides both identity management and governance and actively documents all data in a well-structured audit log.

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Provision Connectors

How It Works

PHASE 1 Discovery

We’ll partner with you to help define business requirements. We’ll jointly construct a blueprint for your project, and define the quantity and type of connectors that need to be integrated with your systems.

PHASE 2 Customization

We will design connectors based on your unique needs and technical requirements. You’ll have final say in the design. Nothing goes out without your approval!

PHASE 3 Implementation

Each custom connector will be fully tested to determine its implementation is correct. When everything is given the final “ok”, your system is ready to go live!

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Benefits of Provision

Gold standard level of automated compliance

No licensing fees.
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership among competing solutions

Increase employee productivity and your bank’s business agility

Bank-specific connectors in stock and ready to set up, keeping implementation time to 2-3 months

Recommended by leaders in the FinTech industry, Provision integrates with the largest global processing systems.

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Case Studies

The right ideas, technology, execution, and people can create something special. Here are just a few examples of how our strategic thinking has helped clients and brands around the world to accomplish their goals:

Meet the Experts

Headquartered in the historic district of Cumberland, Maryland, the Exclamation Labs team consists of individuals with varying backgrounds and experience who all share one common characteristic—their passion for the work that we do. Our casual yet professional atmosphere lends itself to a creative environment that produces outstanding results for our clients.

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