We Applaud Women in Technology

Happy International Women’s Day! This year’s theme is Choose to Challenge. Today, we both celebrate achievements and recognize the challenges that women still face.

Historically, women have been notably underrepresented in the technology field. In 2017, PwC reported that the percentage of women working in a U.S. cybersecurity field was 14%, compared to 48% in the general workforce. Women are even less well represented in senior positions at only 1%.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we must recognize the vital role women can and do play in our field. Women bring a valuable perspective to tech jobs. Gender-diverse tech teams are often successful because the team members complement each other well.

The IT field has hundreds of thousands of unfilled jobs. New challenges associated with digital transformations that began in 2020 mean people with IT skills are in even higher demand. We fully support and cheer programs like P-TECH and Girls Who Code that introduce technology careers to middle school and high school girls. There are also plenty of women with professional backgrounds in other areas ready to make career changes or enhance their skillsets.

Thank you to all of the women who work in technology at Exclamation Labs! We appreciate your diverse talents and contributions to our team.

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