Why Higher Education is Embracing MidPoint as an IAM Solution

All higher education institutions need a system to manage giving students, instructors, and staff access to systems that they need to do their work. There are many off-the-shelf options when it comes to Identity Access Management (IAM) systems. However, colleges and universities have unique needs when it comes to the functionality that they require in an IAM. Instead of trying to force an enterprise solution to work, the answer is to utilize a system that is already built for your most common scenarios. That system is midPoint.

Evolveum’s open-source identity and governance platform, midPoint, is used by educational institutions all around the world because of the collegiate-friendly features that it offers. More than 40 universities use midPoint today, including the University of Western Ontario, University of Illinois, Colorado State University, UNSW Sydney, Vives University, Zurich University of the Arts, Vincennes University, Rice University, Georgia Tech, Oregon State University, and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

Here are three of the top reasons that higher education has embraced midPoint:

1. MidPoint is an IAM solution that ensures proper access to necessary systems and resources is ready to go on day one.

Whether it is day one of freshman year or day one of a new job on campus, no one needs to wait for access. Changes can be made when necessary, and permissions will update automatically. Finally, midPoint can scale to a school’s needs, so provisioning a large number of identities at the beginning of a semester, as well as de-provisioning after graduation or when faculty retire, is easily accomplished.

2. From the moment a potential student completes an application, they are entrusting their university with Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as financial, medical, and other private, personal data.

This presents a serious cybersecurity challenge for the IT department. Schools are not only beholden to students and their families to secure this information, but they are required to comply with regulations such as FERPA, PCI, and HIPAA. Enhanced security is achieved through the automation and role-based access control that midPoint offers. Activity on your systems is continuously monitored, and any access from a suspicious user is automatically disabled. Lastly, midPoint includes audit-ready documentation to enable Higher Education institutions to prove compliance with regulations.

3. Universities and colleges have unique identity management conditions that the business sector typically does not have to face — the need to manage users with multiple affiliations.

This is perhaps one of the top reasons why more and more educational institutions are choosing midPoint. A multitude of scenarios exist that require more complex identity management and governance. For example, a student could have a part-time job on campus and need access to systems both as a student and an employee. A professor may have access to systems as an employee, but she decides to enroll in some courses. What about students who graduate and are now in the alumni category? Other IAM systems would require that you make multiple accounts to cover these scenarios. But with midPoint, you have one identity that manages account status and attributes, group membership, privileges throughout the lifecycle.

The midPoint platform provides a solid foundation for higher education, while also allowing for flexibility, customization, and scalability. But, in addition to finding the right solution, schools must also find the right implementation partner for their IAM project.

Evolveum has designated Exclamation Labs as one of their installation and support partners for midPoint projects in the United States. Exclamation Labs is a trusted collaborator because we think beyond just the implementation. Our team realizes the value of discovery sessions to understand specific needs, challenges, and goals to put a plan in place to provide enhanced security, greater efficiency, and rapid deployment.

Exclamation Labs has highly skilled implementation teams that are ready to talk with you about midPoint. If your university needs an IAM solution, we would be happy to set up a demo of the system.
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