The Time "Johnny Story" Came To Town

Rackspace Video Shoot

It's a wrap! John McKenna (far left) is pictured here with Larry Burns (far right) and some of our team.

Although the title of this blog post may sound like an old folklore story or one of those legends passed down from generation to generation, this story is definitely real, very contemporary, and quite exciting for our Exclamation Labs' team.

The story was set in motion just a few short months ago when members of our Operations team attended New Relic’s FutureStack15 Conference. Spending three days in San Francisco with other developers and IT experts, they returned to the office excited about what they had learned and about the connections that they had made at the conference. They were also pretty stoked about seeing “Weird Al” Yankovic perform, but that may be a topic for a different day.

During the conference, our guys were able to chat with some Rackspace team members, or “Rackers” as they are called. As a Rackspace partner, we learned that their company actively promotes customer stories via short video segments, and that Exclamation Labs would be an excellent example to feature.

A few phone calls and emails were exchanged to set up the details and we were on the schedule for our video shoot.

Enter "Johnny Story". John “Johnny Story” McKenna, Rackspace Customer Stories General Manager, and Larry Burns, Lead Storyteller, (another “Racker” with a cool title!) arrived at our office to talk with us about our company, our clients, and our partnership with Rackspace.

Exclamation Labs initially chose Rackspace, the #1 Managed Cloud company, eight years ago for one of our top clients. Since that time, we have scaled the environment to about 50 servers, both physical and virtual.

“It’s exciting to see our Rackspace hosting platform being utilized so efficiently with leading development and operational software."

– John McKenna

An interesting result of the video session was that we realized that beyond just our technical partnership, our two companies share a very similar philosophy in our approach to doing business:

"We are driven to exceed your expectations, to always have your back, and to serve as full partners in your success." - Rackspace Fanatical Support

"We consider ourselves part of your company, thinking about how to help you be even better and doing whatever it takes to get you there. Basically, if you succeed, we succeed." - Exclamation Labs

Production is underway and our video should be posted in a few months at We will be in good company, too, joining companies like Under Armour, Six Flags, and Mazda who all have videos on the site.

So, that was a wrap on an exciting day at the office. It was a chance to spend the day sharing stories with a true partner in our industry.

Come back to visit any time, John “Johnny Story” McKenna and Larry Burns!

UPDATE: Our Rackspace Customer Success Story video turned out great!

Take a look at the finished product here.

Jenny Krampf
Account Executive
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