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On-Demand Webinar: Confronting a Bank Merger? New Access Management Tool Delivers Security and More

Last week, Matt Growden, CIO of First United Bank & Trust, joined the Provision team to discuss how banks and credit unions can automate provisioning while simultaneously streamlining preparation for annual audits and access certification reviews.

Provision IAM is a must-have automation tool for pre-and post-merger banks and credit unions capable of enforcing role-based access control policies, strengthening compliance, and alleviating endless hours of manual work.

In the 45-minute webinar, we reviewed:

  • how to automate system certification and recertification reviews
  • how to strengthen compliance and enforce various controls
  • how to understand the costs incurred with non-automated certification reviews

If you missed it, watch the replay here!

Provision IAM alleviates auditing pain points and controls system access.
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