Guide to Seriously Engaged Customers Part 3: Keeping Customers Engaged

This blog series explores a few of the primary customer engagement challenges, and the respective solutions that Exclamation Labs excels in that have increased conversions for some of the nation’s leading insurance companies.

While insurance companies have been notoriously slow to adopt new technologies, digital transformations in marketing, sales, and operations are critical in this highly competitive industry. By identifying common challenges present on the path to converting prospects to policyholders, direct-to-consumer insurance companies can put sound solutions in place.

Consumers value consistency between online and agent interactions

Insurance companies were built as part of a product-focused industry rather than a customer-focused one. However, by adopting a customer-centric strategy that includes customer insight, customer experience, and business operations, companies can be more successful in reaching their target audience more efficiently.

Consumers don't consider a company’s website as a separate channel from their agents, and neither should insurers. The expectation is that if a potential customer needs to speak with an agent or customer service representative, the representatives will know exactly what actions the consumer has already taken in the process and be able to assist them with the next steps.

Intermediaries, or agents, are not going away, so the key is to figure out how direct marketing channels and agents can “work together to create an integrated and productive experience for both the consumer and the carrier.” Some customers will go through the entire purchase process utilizing only the website. However, it is an equally likely scenario that the site generates leads to feed the agency sales pipeline. Insurance carriers that provide their agents with useful digital sales tools, coupled with highly targeted, layered content through other channels, are more successful in closing sales.

To build a truly seamless experience between direct marketing channels and agents, companies must test their current business processes and potentially upgrade legacy systems or develop new service portals to accommodate their consumers’ needs. This may seem like a daunting overhaul, but the benefit is that both prospects and existing customers will have a consistent experience at every touchpoint along the way. Channels cannot feel disconnected, or the result will be frustration and, likely, lower satisfaction and retention. Conversely, customers who experience continuity are more likely to remain engaged and confident in the value of their purchase.  

Real-World Example

This client is a leading insurance carrier that relies on its agency force to achieve annual sales goals. They needed modern sales tools that enabled the agents to engage with consumers outside the office while maintaining the same seamless messaging, applications, and documentation that online customers see.


Our team built a life insurance agent-specific mobile app. The mobile app empowers agents to quote new business while on the move, use the quote information to pre-populate an application for the customer within a separate portal, and stay in contact with prospective customers.

  • Agents stay connected on the road, giving them the ability to close more sales with engaged consumers
  • Mobile app and application portal are connected providing an expedited application process
  • Agents can enroll customers in the self-service web portal to manage their policies
  • Ability to save states as defaults to minimize repetitive actions
  • Just-in-time messaging to help the user with input field questions


A modern digital toolset that translates to increased revenue and seamless communication between online and agent sales. The Agent Zone app set the standard in mobile business apps for insurance.

At Exclamation Labs, we have found that not only will the formula vary depending on the client’s business strategy, but we also have to be prepared to adjust the process as we go to make all the pieces work together. Now in our 24th year of business, we have a team of senior technology professionals who are passionate about creating great customer experiences and eager to help.

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