Guide to Seriously Engaged Customers Part 2: Re-Engaging Prospects

This blog series explores a few of the primary customer engagement challenges, and the respective solutions that Exclamation Labs excels in that have increased conversions for some of the nation’s leading insurance companies.

While insurance companies have been notoriously slow to adopt new technologies, digital transformations in marketing, sales, and operations are critical in this highly competitive industry. By identifying common challenges present on the path to converting prospects to policyholders, direct-to-consumer insurance companies can put sound solutions in place.

Stop the drop with the right touch points

The single most important thing insurance companies can do to gain seriously engaged customers is to be relentless in exceeding expectations throughout all stages of the sales funnel.

Touch points encompass all the interactions a customer has with your company. The average sale requires 7-10 "touches" before a potential buyer converts into a customer.  How do you re-engage prospects that are aware of your company, but have not yet become a customer? This might seem like an obvious point, but really what re-engagement comes down to is paying attention to your customers in the first round. If you missed the mark on the first round and your goal now is re-engagement, you want to develop ways to educate and inform consumers to get things back on track.

When a prospect visits the website, insurance companies need to capture information about them to be responsive and aligned with their needs.

Tools   Business Value
Analytics       Create touchpoints focused on product pages visited
Lead capture forms / polls       Re-engage in a personalized manner
Visitor demographics       Tailor marketing spend toward most valuable customers

Insurance companies need a plan to stay in front of people who are still lingering in the interest, or consideration, stage of the funnel. It may take a variety of channels to secure a conversion, so it is essential to track the metrics to know what is working. As we have discussed, gaining seriously engaged customers takes planning and strategy. Competitor product comparisons can be effective visualizations to employ for re-engagement. Fortunately, technology allows for an array of personalized touch points to best value the customer’s time.

Real-World Example

A major DTC insurance company needed to increase its proactive outreach to consumers who had visited their website but did not complete an application. The agency already had email campaigns in place, but they didn’t see the lift in sales they were expecting from email alone.  


We worked with our client’s marketing team on a series of initiatives to capture customer information on the first visit. With an eye toward future re-engagement, our developers implemented simplified email lead capture and third-party retargeting pixels throughout the site. With these tools in place, marketing teams could target website visitors through paid advertising, personalized email cascades, and social media campaigns to influence the consumer to return to the site and complete an application. Customers are scored based on interest level, which allows agencies to focus more attention on high-value leads.


After implementing a multi-faceted strategy for re-engaging customers, the company saw a 50% increase in return visits to the site and a 20% lift in the conversion rate for the targeted customers.

There is no magic solution to win the re-engagement battle, however, data is vital to inform decisions such as campaign and search spending, SEO improvements, or pinpointing why traffic to a certain page has dropped. Implementing a solid analytics strategy is crucial to a successful website.

At Exclamation Labs, we have found that not only will the formula vary depending on the client’s business strategy, but we also have to be prepared to adjust the process as we go to make all the pieces work together. Now in our 24th year of business, we have a team of senior technology professionals who are passionate about creating great customer experiences and eager to help.

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