Guide to Seriously Engaged Customers Part 1: Cultivating Consumer Engagement

This blog series explores a few of the primary customer engagement challenges, and the respective solutions that Exclamation Labs excels in that have increased conversions for some of the nation’s leading insurance companies.

While insurance companies have been notoriously slow to adopt new technologies, digital transformations in marketing, sales, and operations are critical in this highly competitive industry. By identifying common challenges present on the path to converting prospects to policyholders, direct-to-consumer insurance companies can put sound solutions in place.

The single most important thing insurance companies can do to gain seriously engaged customers is to be relentless in exceeding expectations throughout all stages of the sales funnel.

Digital experiences that delight are no longer optional

Online purchases are commonplace in our lives. Consumers expect the same high level of engagement, whether they are purchasing a new pair of shoes or an insurance policy.

Consumers who are thinking about purchasing insurance have become comfortable using technology for research, but have historically shied away from completing the purchase online. However, online insurance sales are on the upswing. Between 2016-2018, there was a 7% increase in the number of consumers who prefer to research and purchase life insurance online.

It’s not all good news, though. When compared with mainstream digital consumer companies, insurers fall short on ease of use and accessibility online.  To be more specific, they are not delivering the self-service tools, integrated digital communications functionality, and contextual insurance information that would put them on par with leading websites in other industries.

Insurance companies need to focus on customer engagement early in the sales funnel, as prospects are gathering information and evaluating all of their options. What are some ways to shift potential customers from the awareness stage to the consideration phase in the sales funnel?

Real-World Example

For 70+ years, our client offered a full-range of P&C insurance products, but they saw an opportunity to shift the business strategy to focus on a niche market — medical liability insurance. Nearly 80% of business was generated online, but the agency was experiencing high bounce rates and low application completion rates.


We designed an engaging user experience and consumer journey that would entice medical professionals through the sales process on their own. Using a data-driven strategy, we recognized that optimizing the user flow for the target market would be a pivotal part of increasing the engagement rate. We looked at the current site through the eyes of nurses and physical therapists, our clients’ highest converting audience, and optimized the product content and user funnel for the intended consumers.

Changes Implemented

  • Streamlined navigation and homepage content, with a focus on customer conversion
  • Featured profession pages with the highest page traffic at the top of the homepage, enabling the majority of users to go from homepage to profession page in one click.
  • Added customer reviews to inspire brand confidence and eliminate purchase barriers
  • Re-designed profession pages, incorporating clear calls-to-action, to lead the user from brand discovery to purchasing decision to conversion

“We approached this project with usability and business objectives in mind,” shared Erin Fike, Senior UX Designer. “Not only does the site have a modern look and feel, but most importantly, users can find what they need quickly and efficiently.”


Just weeks after the redesign, the bounce rate dropped by 45%, and 10% more users completed an application.

There is no magic solution to win the engagement battle. At Exclamation Labs, we have found that not only will the formula vary depending on the client’s business strategy, but we also have to be prepared to adjust as we go to make the pieces work together. Now in our 24th year of business, we have a team of senior technology professionals who are passionate about creating great customer experiences.

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