Exclamation Labs Builds a Modern Digital Storefront for CM&F Group

Exclamation Labs is pleased to announce that we have completed the first phase of optimization work for CM&F Group, Inc., a full-service insurance brokerage firm located in New York City. Specializing in medical liability insurance, CM&F has insured healthcare professionals for over 70 years, with almost 80% of their business completed online.

With partners like the Med Pro Group, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, CM&F partners with only the strongest and most committed insurance companies. Exclamation Labs was tasked with optimizing the CM&F website, specifically to improve the customer flow and ultimately to increase the customer engagement rate.

“It was extremely important that when choosing a partner, we found a company that understood our business and brought innovative and forward-thinking ideas,” shared CM&F CEO, Jay Sullivan. “From the start, we felt Exclamation Labs understood our business and took the time to learn who we are and what we do.”

Exclamation Labs proposed concepts for a more modern, engaging website that would be recognizable as CM&F Group, the brand. A digital branding initiative would enable CM&F to build client relationships and stand out in a highly competitive market. CM&F chose to pursue a sleek, illustration-style approach for the design, so Exclamation Labs created custom illustrations for the homepage and profession pages. Additionally, our design team developed custom icons for the site and updated the color palette and fonts for visual continuity.

With thorough testing and analysis, Exclamation Labs created a tailored customer experience that aligned with CM&F’s product strategy. The product explanations were enhanced, and visuals and icons were added for appeal. Finally, Exclamation Labs’ developers incorporated user reviews and streamlined the quote module.

The website just recently launched; however, there are encouraging statistics to report. For instance, the homepage bounce rate decreased by 45%, and 15% more homepage visitors are starting an application.

The CM&F storefront project was managed in coordination with Adworthy, Inc. who provided strong SEO & Content Optimization support to the overall effort.

Exclamation Labs will likely create illustrations for additional product offerings and begin work on the CM&F application portal later this year.

“The team very much invested their time and talent in creating an industry-leading website that we are very proud to call our own,” stated Sullivan. “We would like to thank everyone from the design team to the developers. We cannot say enough about the end result. We are all very happy with the final product and very much looking forward to the relationship with Exclamation Labs in the years ahead.”

Jenny Krampf
Account Executive
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