Exclamation Labs' CEO Featured on Shift Happens Podcast

Exclamation Labs’ Founder and CEO, Jonathan Hutcherson, recently joined Joe Mechlinski on his podcast, Shift Happens, to share the lessons he has learned as a business leader. Jonathan discusses how to spark innovation, revolutionize company culture, and increase organizational value through the use of our most valuable asset, our people.

Jonathan is a strategic executive and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience building a talented team that creates enterprise-level web applications for some of the most recognizable brands in the world. In 2016, he realized that innovation was stagnant, and his role in his company needed to change. This restructuring sparked an overflow of innovation. Jonathan accomplished what many companies fail to do — create a product out of a service business.

"Working on developing an identity access management product gave us a chance to once again be innovative. We looked at what was missing in the market and then adapted the technology to fit the client — community banks and credit unions." - Jonathan Hutcherson

Provision is gaining rapid adoption within financial institutions, and strategic partnerships have been formed with some of the largest providers of core banking services in the world.

Jonathan shares how building an incredibly talented team and having the right people in the right roles has made a significant impact on the ability to scale the business.

Shift Happens is hosted by New York Times bestselling author and CEO of SHIFT, Joe Mechlinski. The podcast features today’s influencers talking productivity, politics, climate change, work-life balance, being mortal and everything in between. It’s available on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and Spotify.

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