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Breakthroughs in Automating Certification Reviews Webinar On-Demand

Last week our Provision IAM team led an educational webinar for community banks and credit unions interested in learning more about alleviating some of the pain points involved with access certification reviews. Our President, Jonathan Hutcherson, led our CTO, Andrew Cope, and Vice President and CIO of First United Bank & Trust, Matt Growden, through a conversation about how IAM systems can automate tedious auditing documentation preparation.

Here are the key takeaways from the presentation:

  • Regardless of whether a system has an API or is a legacy system without an API, all systems can be connected to Provision, in turn automating certification reviews and audit prep;
  • Studies show regulatory audits cost small banks $300,000 annually– that's several times the cost of implementing Provision! Automating your processes drastically reduces internal costs;
  • For certification reviews, the burden of capturing all the evidence falls off the shoulders of your IT team and onto the shoulders of Provision. Real-time reporting within Provision serves as a constant log of changes for auditors to review without having to dig through old emails or screenshots.

A recording of the live webinar can be found here and our team is available to answer any questions you might have about Provision.

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Enjoy and we hope you'll join us for our next webinar!

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