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Confronting a Bank Merger? New Access Management Tool Delivers Security and More

Too often, banks and credit unions are faced with the daunting task of granting and removing thousands of access points when going through a merger or acquisition. There is a new way to automate all the provisioning and at the same time streamline preparation for annual audits and access certification reviews.

Provision IAM is the answer! This must-have automation tool for pre-and post-merger banks and credit unions is capable of enforcing role-based access control policies, strengthening compliance, and alleviating endless hours of manual work.

Join the Provision team and Matt Growden, CIO of First United Bank & Trust, for a deep dive on how the use of an identity management system can alleviate the pain points in auditing and controlling system access– whether you’re facing an acquisition, merger, or need to strengthen your current governance.

In 45-minutes we will review:

  • how to automate system certification and recertification reviews
  • how to strengthen compliance and enforce various controls
  • how to understand the costs incurred with non-automated certification reviews
  • plus live Q&A with our experts!

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