Bold and Creative Website Transformation Positions BSI As An Industry Leader

The right combination of art and engineering brands Berkeley Springs Instruments (BSI) as a worldwide provider of engineering solutions for the oil and gas industry.

The Challenge

During the final stages of patenting and launching a suite of revolutionary new products, BSI needed to prepare their products for the market. Their expertly engineered, ultrasonic solutions were new to the oil and gas industry, and they needed to present how their products are superior to the standard solutions already on the market. In order to do that, BSI needed to explain a highly technical product in a simple and straightforward manner. They were confident that their products would lower costs and improve the level of asset integrity required by their customers. However, they needed help translating their complex customized technology into productized solutions. It was important to be able to explain the features and benefits of their products to both a technical and non-technical audience.

BSI felt that their existing website did not model the professionalism and impressive expertise within their company. The photography and copy was produced by, and for, engineers. While they wanted to convey the engineering expertise behind the products, it was equally important to BSI that they strike the right balance in communicating to purchasing managers and potential investors, as well as field technicians and corrosion engineers.

There were technical issues as well. The CMS infrastructure was outdated, and had security vulnerabilities that needed to be addressed before any new site content could be created.

In short, the website needed to be organized in such a way as to focus on BSI's innovative products. To achieve this, we planned professional photography, simplified copy, and design upgrades necessary to brand BSI as the leader in their field.

Development Solutions

Our initial conversations focused on the technical aspects of improving the technology stack and deployment pipeline used for the existing website. There were some technical hurdles to overcome with the existing site’s infrastructure and security. Exclamation Labs leveraged our experienced DevOps team to provide a path forward. We recommended and implemented the following deliverables:

1. CMS Upgrade

In order to move forward within a limited budget, the underlying CMS infrastructure was left in place, and necessary upgrades were applied to ensure system stability and eliminate security vulnerabilities.

2. Improved Deployment Pipeline

A secure new development environment was created to improve the ability to develop and test code changes. The DevOps team also set up the pipeline to allow changes to be seamlessly migrated to production. The improved deployment pipeline enabled the development team to make improvements faster, and to prevent issues from leaking to the production site.

Design Solutions

After discussing the technical improvements, it became clear that BSI also needed to elevate their company’s brand and products from a marketing perspective.

In order to improve sales, they needed a partner that was willing to walk in their engineering boots. Exclamation Labs began interviewing key employees to find out what made BSI’s products superior. We used this new knowledge to begin translating BSI’s core value proposition to both technical and non-technical customers simultaneously. To achieve this, our experienced Web Optimizations team recommended the following strategy:

1. Onsite Discovery and Company Study

We spent time at BSI Headquarters, learning about their business process and products. Our creative team met with BSI’s Engineering and Sales teams to understand the intricacies of BSI’s engineered solutions. This in-depth study allowed Exclamation Labs to understand BSI’s business model and product differentiators. At the end of this study, Exclamation Labs was ready to begin reclassification and branding of BSI products with a customer-focused mindset.

2. Branding

This is where things got exciting. We took our newly acquired expertise and began organizing content, developing product copy, and providing recommendations on product strategy. We strategized to come up with creative headlines for the hero images that captured the essence what BSI’s products could do for their customers. We rebranded one of the products to help give it the exclusivity it deserved among competing products. The Exclamation Labs’ content team wrote new copy to convey BSI’s unique products and industry experience. Detailed product descriptions were created to convey product details in terms easily understood by non-technical visitors. The amount of copy on the new site was reduced and more focused.

3. Photography & Design

Our experienced user interface team began by developing an inspiration board that included a strong color palette and fonts and images that would be used to brand BSI. This would be key to crafting a strong online presence and also could be carried through to print materials and advertisements.Click to view the BSI inspiration board.

BSI color palette

Professional photography, combined with the right design enhancements, was a critical component of the new site. Using the product knowledge gained during our onsite meetings with the client, we began productizing BSI’s custom solutions. Our designers sketched out product shots that would best convey BSI’s new products on the website. For example:

BSI photography sketches

Vibrant Image, one of Exclamation Labs’ trusted partners, was hired to professionally capture studio photos of BSI’s products. The photography brought the sketches to life:

Vibrant Image photography for BSI

Our designers enriched the photos through a series of creative design enhancements, ensuring the product shots conveyed the functionality of the products in a way that was easy to understand. The attention to detail inherent in this process ensured that BSI’s products looked striking, and, got the credibility they deserve.

Final Eagle Array Image
See the full homepage.

Final Eagle Array Image in-ground

Final Eagle Array Image side view
See the full Pipeline Integrity product page.

Final Test Station image
See the full Cathodic Protection product page.

The designers also created an exclusive icon set for BSI. These were used throughout the site to illustrate key product points.

Image Description

4. Execution

The CMS platform in use by BSI was not within a technology stack that our web developers typically recommend, but in order to keep costs within budget, our team quickly came up to speed on the specifics of the technology. They were able to implement the pages exactly as designed. Exclamation Labs’ QA department tested the pages across a complete range of high-traffic desktop and mobile web browsers. (See more about browser & device testing here.) Finally, our advanced analytics team set up Google Analytics tracking, to give BSI’s leadership team insight into site traffic patterns, geographic location of site visitors, and site traffic analysis.

Prior to launch of the site, BSI sales leaders began presenting their new products to existing customers in accordance with the improved branding recommendations and product strategy that Exclamation Labs developed. The new products were already generating industry excitement and BSI’s leadership team was ready to coordinate the site launch with their new marketing strategy.

Impact on Client’s Business

BSI wanted to rebrand themselves via a new website that communicated the ingenuity behind their products. Upon launch, the company immediately began reaping the benefits.

  1. In visiting the site, BSI’s customers clearly understood what differentiates BSI from others in the industry. While the competition is still only experimenting with Ultrasonic Technology, BSI’s products actually use it every day, to ensure the safety of people, and the environment around them.

  2. The BSI team was better equipped to showcase their company and their products. The key product categories defined throughout the project gave their sales and engineering teams a way to clearly explain the company's products and services to customers and investors. The website served to reinforce the sales team’s message with the same product structure.

  3. BSI employees create ingenious solutions for the oil & gas industry. The new website gave BSI’s brand the sophistication and corporate polish that it was missing.

  4. Clearer communication about how BSI is applying advanced Ultrasonic Technology has opened up new opportunities. They have been contacted by customers looking to apply their ultrasonic measurement solutions in new ways, outside of the corrosion monitoring niche.

Customer engagement began to increase immediately, reflecting the success of the new, product-focused marketing strategy. As more traffic is driven to the site, BSI expects to see increased sales of their new products.

“The new site is informative and communicates the right message to our customers. I'm looking forward to using it as one of our primary marketing tools.” - Gene Silverman, Ph.D. — BSI President

By leveraging Exclamation Labs’ unique combination of technical and creative expertise, BSI is now positioned to build on the industry excitement around their groundbreaking new products. The new site was the finishing piece to help BSI implement their new product suite; setting them apart as the experts that will provide revolutionary ultrasonic solutions for the oil & gas industry for years to come.

The Final Product

Check out the live website here.

Live Webpage Screenshot

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Account Executive
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