5 Things CIOs Like About midPoint by Evolveum

Now more than ever, colleges and universities are getting on board with identity access management (IAM). Perhaps prompted by COVID-19 and the shift to remote working and learning, IT teams are looking for products that can replace outdated legacy solutions, reduce the amount of time IT Staff spends manually updating system access, and streamline data integrations between systems.

We’ve found the leading higher education institutions look to build a unified identity layer on top of their existing infrastructure. This enables them to securely manage user information, add new business rules and then seamlessly synchronize it among services, Systems of Record (SOR) and other repositories, ensuring identity data is always up-to-date.

From our conversations with the IT decision-makers at many colleges and universities, we’ve discovered the top five IAM features tech teams are looking for and why midPoint, an open-source IAM product from Evolveum, is the answer to their needs.

1. Completely Open-Source

MidPoint is one of the few 100% open-source identity management products on the market and is by far the most robust when it comes to features. MidPoint is customizable to fit your unique needs. Additionally, because it’s an open-source solution, many CIOs are able to sidestep procurement processes typically required for approval of commercial vendors and products.

2. Lifecycle Management

The CIOs of universities are responsible for a diverse array of systems across their entire IT environment. MidPoint’s approach, with its open code, provides countless connectivity possibilities across a wide range of platforms. This connectivity provides integration opportunities which permit lifecycle management. Delivering full identity lifecycle management is a critical capability that midPoint provides to Higher Education systems.

3. Affordable

Because midPoint is an open-source software product, there are no licensing fees involved. Anyone may choose to download and install midPoint. Some universities are able to support, implement, and configure their own specific instances of midPoint if they have the technical know-how. Often schools choose product support for bugs and version upgrades, made available via a support subscription with Evolveum.  Support subscriptions make midPoint an on-going turnkey solution for organizations big or small.

4. Training

Evolveum and Internet2 offer robust training programs for teams to acquire the know-how to implement and support midPoint. Training courses offered by Internet2 and InCommon are specifically designed for higher education midPoint training. We’ve heard excellent feedback from universities, as well as our own staff, on the quality and thoroughness of the instruction.

5. Customization and Flexibility

MidPoint is highly customizable, making it a very flexible product that is compatible with a myriad of third-party systems and resources – even legacy systems. Changes to midPoint that could benefit the greater community may be submitted to Evolveum for consideration to be added to the source code in future versions.  Advanced development teams have the opportunity to enhance the solution. The community is important to Evolveum, and they are in constant dialogue with identity engineers, privacy officers, security experts and system developers. They believe that ‘Community is Caring’

Committed to Higher Education

Unlike some commercial offerings, the higher education market is a centerpiece of focus for Evolveum. This is evidenced by a tailor-made support model called Academic Subscription. This offers four specific benefits:

1. Bug fixes;
2. Assistance with improvements;
3. Product knowledge share; and
4. Documentation enhancements.

Also, midPoint is used in the InCommon Trusted Access Platform (TAP) as the registry that securely manages unique institutional identities.

Today, midPoint helps protect over 10 million identities in 150 organizations in 24 countries across 16 different industries. Security professionals and identity experts around the globe have chosen the midPoint product to deliver world-class enterprise identity governance and automation.

Exclamation Labs is a highly active US-based midPoint implementation partner. We have helped many North American universities deploy and support midPoint as their identity management product of choice. We can help you too! Whether you're just beginning to explore IAM solutions, or you've already chosen midPoint and you're looking for assistance, our team of experts is ready to help you at every step of the way.

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