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Digital Product Development

Exclamation Labs aligns your ideas and goals with the right strategy, tools, and people to realize them. We are dedicated to digital greatness.

Stronger: We are passionate about our work. Craftsmanship has, and always will, guide the way we build digital solutions.

Faster: Working agilely enables more client involvement and accelerated product delivery.

Smarter: Forward-thinking experts evaluate the best tools for each project and build solutions for reliability, flexibility, and future growth.

Experience Matters.

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Data Science & Analytics

The data beneath the surface of your site is invaluable. Our specialists use powerful data science tools and data mining techniques to report clear, actionable intelligence you can use. Even small increases in conversion can have a big impact on digital outcomes, revenue, and profits.

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  • Web Analytics Implementation, Analysis, and Reporting
  • Executive Dashboards
  • Custom Campaign Tracking
  • Long-Term Digital Marketing Strategy

Art meets Science

Web Applications & Systems

Solutions are engineered with a multidisciplinary approach, delivering the right tools and responsive interactions to allow customers to effectively engage with your business.

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We don’t just implement technology — we create it!

  • Web Applications & Systems
  • Custom Software Solutions
  • Third Party System Integration
  • Enterprise Portals

Create a Clear Path

UX & Usability

Guided by a relentless focus on user needs, we create innovative, engaging websites and applications that are easy to navigate. The reward for your customers is a simple and positive online experience. The reward for your company is higher customer satisfaction and a more valuable product offering.

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  • Responsive Web and Application Interface Design
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing
  • User Experience Optimization
  • Digital Brand Development

SLAY your Operational Challenges

Enterprise Architecture & Dev-Ops Consulting

Exclamation Labs can break the constraints of legacy architecture to optimize and protect your infrastructure. Solve your toughest business challenges with accelerated deployments and automated processes that improve efficiency.

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  • Application Containerization
  • Release Automation
  • Performance Optimization
  • Audit Survival
  • Programmable Infrastructure

Case Studies

The right ideas, technology, execution, and people can create something special. Here are just a few examples of how our strategic thinking has helped clients and brands around the world to accomplish their goals:


B2B2C Digital Transformation
Fully Integrated Insurance Carrier
Agent Portals

Insurance portals that create a path to profitable agent channels, lower costs, and stronger customer loyalty

Insurance agents are looking for providers that are not only easy to work with, but who are leaders in digital transformation. Our highly integrated sales portals are helping insurance companies strategically acquire the best agents in the industry.

We enable disparate software packages to operate in one seamless interface:

  • Agent Hierarchy, Sales Tools, and Commission
  • Product Rules Engines
  • eSignature Software
  • Underwriting Workflow Status
  • Mainframe Integration
  • Document Storage
  • Paymentech PCI Compliant/HIPAA Compliant

Our contemporary designs give agents the tools they need to do business from anywhere, using a mobile device or desktop. Exclamation Labs knows that good UX = more sales. The interface is flexible and easily configurable to meet the unique requirements of individual agency partners.

Creating Smarter with Agent Portal

Mobile Agent Zone App

Mobile Enablement
Agent Zone App

Giving agents a quick and simple way to engage and service customers on the go

Issue: Customers, in any industry, will do business where they get the best customer service. Gerber Life Insurance Agents needed modern sales tools that enabled them to do business outside the office.

Solution: Together with Gerber Life we created the Agent Zone™ mobile app that can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store, or Android Marketplace. The app empowers agents to quote new business from anywhere to drive increased sales.

Impact: A modern digital toolset that can translate to increased online revenue. The Gerber Life Agent Zone app set the standard in mobile business apps for insurance.

Gerber Life Mobile Zone

Love the app! Thanks for putting this app together! Much easier and quicker to run quotes.

  • MATT S.

Apps to Make Your Life Easier

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Meet the Experts

Headquartered in the historic district of Cumberland, Maryland, the Exclamation Labs team consists of individuals with varying backgrounds and experience who all share one common characteristic—their passion for the work that we do. Our casual yet professional atmosphere lends itself to a creative environment that produces outstanding results for our clients.

  • Jonathan Hutcherson

    Jonathan Hutcherson Founder and CEO

  • Andrew Cope

    Andrew Cope Chief Technology Officer

  • Bobbie Cooper

    Bobbie Cooper Agency Services BU Leader

  • George Thacker

    George Thacker FinTech BU Leader

  • Walt Welsh

    Walt Welsh Director of Operations

  • Jenny Krampf

    Jenny Krampf Director of Marketing

  • Brad Berline

    Brad Berline Lead UX Designer

  • Brandon Powers

    Brandon Powers Lead Developer

  • Samantha Schaible

    Samantha Schaible Account Executive

  • Ben Strozykowski

    Ben Strozykowski DevOps Lead

  • Miranda Brunett

    Miranda Brunett Lead Project Manager

  • Ruth Chiarenza

    Ruth Chiarenza Office Manager