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Not your parents’ web agency

We’re different.

We think differently. We act differently. Differently from marketing agencies that drive traffic at all costs. Differently from tech shops that build the latest and greatest, but without a clear plan for growth. Differently from large companies whose staff is as temporary as the technology.

In an industry overwhelmed with shiny new buzzwords, Exclamation Labs still understands the value of experience. And we use that experience to save the day.

Exclamation Labs is web experience.

What you see is what you get

About Us

What you see is a dedicated team of experts that works together like a well-oiled machine. Individuals, passionate about our responsibility to the client—to the work. Every pixel, every snippet of code, every experiment, is created skillfully and purposefully. Every action, strategic or tactical, is always towards the greater plan.

And that’s exactly what you get. Plan to move forward.

Meeting of the minds

Site Design & Development

A great site is equal parts strong concept and cutting-edge development.

Our programmers utilize the newest front and back-end frameworks and methodologies in the market. We stay involved in and contribute to the development community. We don’t just implement technology—we create it.

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But the best development starts with a solid business concept, followed by award-winning interfaces. Designers and developers work side-by-side from initial concept through final browser and device testing to make sure every page is pixel perfect.

Dedicated PMs, AEs, and QAs keep everything on time and within budget. Let our perfect mix of form and function make your next project short and simple.

Great infrastructure is the stuff of legend

Infrastructure Planning

You’ve probably heard the stories of the environment that started with no more than was required, but grew and adapted as the company evolved. Those stories are real.

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Exclamation Labs has designed and implemented code-management systems, workflows, hosting environments and collaboration tools that have scaled many times over without exponential cost increases. And with security always on the forefront, we are certified to help with PCI and audits, security scans, and penetration tests.

The strongest castles start with the strongest foundation.

Exclamation Labs is a
Rackspace Partner.

Take a deep dive

Analytics & Reporting

The data beneath the surface of your site is a hidden treasure. This data provides the basis by which future initiatives are measured. It has to be accurate, clear and concise. Exclamation Labs has extensive experience in providing analytics and reporting that make executive decisions easy.

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Our expertise ranges from implementing top page-tagging and log-analysis applications, to building campaign tracking applications and custom dashboards. We’ve integrated front-end metrics with data warehouses and geospatial mapping technologies on the back-end, including multi-channel attribution.

Exclamation Labs will prove that you don’t know what you’re missing.

Optimize the maze

User Experience & Throughput

Our UX experts know that it’s easier to add than to subtract. Humans tend to over-engineer a process, not to simplify. When the time comes to streamline an online process, where do you begin?

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You begin by reaching out to us. Exclamation Labs has removed barriers from some of the most complex online shopping systems, landing pages, and funnel processes on the market—in some cases improving conversion rates by as much as 45%. Employing a host of proven testing methods, we will get more of your customers out of the maze and to the prize.

Getting through to your customers is important, but make sure your customers are getting through your online experience.

A Selection of Our Work

Exclamation Labs is proud to have provided years of web experience to clients around the world since 1996—brands like Gerber Life Insurance Company, Choice Hotels International, DuPont, GE Commercial Finance, and Mountainside Maryland. The following is a selection of some of our favorite designs, creative, and web applications.

Meet the Experts

Headquartered in the historic district of Cumberland, Maryland, the Exclamation Labs team consists of individuals with varying backgrounds and experience who all share one common characteristic—their passion for the work that we do. Our casual yet professional atmosphere lends itself to a creative environment that produces outstanding results for our clients.

  • Jonathan Hutcherson

    Jonathan Hutcherson President

  • Chad Van Lier

    Chad Van Lier Director of Client Strategy

  • Brian Morin

    Brian Morin Chief Technology Officer

  • Paul Douthitt

    Paul Douthitt Lead Project Manager

  • Walt Welsh

    Walt Welsh Senior Project Manager

  • Bobbie Cooper

    Bobbie Cooper Account Executive

  • Brad Berline

    Brad Berline Lead UX Designer

  • David Street

    David Street Lead Developer

  • Andrew Cope

    Andrew Cope DevOps Lead

  • Shanna Ritter

    Shanna Ritter Lead Business Analyst

  • Jenny Krampf

    Jenny Krampf Account Executive

  • Ruth Chiarenza

    Ruth Chiarenza Office Manager

  • Ben Strozykowski

    Ben Strozykowski DevOps

  • Nathan Dorsey

    Nathan Dorsey DevOps

  • Erin Fike

    Erin Fike Graphic Designer

  • Mark Lohr

    Mark Lohr QA

  • Meghan Hildreth

    Meghan Hildreth QA

  • Bill Thornton

    Bill Thornton Developer

  • Brandon Powers

    Brandon Powers Developer

  • Jonathan Hill

    Jonathan Hill Developer

  • Sean Sealy

    Sean Sealy Java Developer

  • Aaron Staggs

    Aaron Staggs Developer

  • Fred Benson

    Fred Benson Developer

  • Ashley Turnbull

    Ashley Turnbull Business Analyst